• Stacks Image 324
    The attic before
  • Stacks Image 325
  • Stacks Image 326
    Wall framing, piles of insulation
  • Stacks Image 330
    Cross bar at ceiling height
  • Stacks Image 332
    Side two windows
  • Stacks Image 334
    New windows, front
  • Stacks Image 336
    Entrance from outside studio
  • Stacks Image 338
    Insulation complete!
  • Stacks Image 291
    Drywall delivery
  • Stacks Image 292
    Entrance from outside, now drywalled
  • Stacks Image 293
    Entrance from inside
  • Stacks Image 294
    Front two windows
  • Stacks Image 295
    Ceiling height, holes for lights
  • Stacks Image 296
    Door installed, floor going in
  • Stacks Image 297
    All painted!
  • Stacks Image 298
    Another view
  • Stacks Image 299
    Finished, with lighting
  • Stacks Image 300
    Facing front
  • Stacks Image 301
    Exercise nook
  • Stacks Image 302
    Short wall, for storage units
In 2008, ready for the start of a new year and new things, my attic studio was finished! I had recently decided to have an attic studio built...working in the kitchen and then having to clean it up to cook just wasn’t cutting it anymore! That was far too inconvenient and not a way to encourage painting. At first, I was going to use the “maid’s” room in the attic which already had walls and closet, but that really was too small. Instead, I used the front half of the attic, giving me a much larger space with windows facing south and west. There's also a small exercise space, with room for doing yoga or whatever routine I'm interested in at the moment! The studio is nice and warm in the winter (I usually only need one of the heating units I installed) and comfortable in the summer. Plus, I get a bird’s eye view of my neighborhood!
The studio looks a little narrow because of the photography, but it's 14' wide and 20' long.